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Harvey GYRO AIR G700 - $4,245 USD

Gyro Air G700

NOTE: The price hike for 2019 models
INCLUDES remote control pre-installed and feature MERV 17 rated HEPA filters. These two upgrades cost more than the $250 price hike from $4,245 but I'm still continuing the FREE SHIPPING offer for an extended period of time. Availability of 2019 models ready for shipment is expected by mid-February!

Normal dust collectors consume a lot of power because of the low aerodynamic efficiency caused by their inherent design (large cyclone chamber, dust bags, clogged filters). Larger motors (normally 3-5 HP) are needed to overcome energy wasted by air resistance, friction, particle collisions, and vibration. The sophisticated Gyro Air design has a much improved systematic flow efficiency which allows it to use only a 2HP motor to achieve the same performance as other DC's with larger motors.

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The Next Level Carpentry Channel

The Next Level Carpentry Channel

Next Level Carpentry is for aspiring carpenters who want to take their skills to the Next Level. The tips, tricks and methods of work featured here are things I've picked up and developed during nearly 50 years in the building trades and are what make my 'The Timber Tailor' residential / light commercial remodeling business profitable and successful. Since I'm a master carpenter and video production amateur my hope is that viewers will find enough value in the content to learn worthwhile skills despite my less-than-great video production capabilities.

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The Digital Jobsite Channel

The Digital Jobsite

SketchUp Tutorials for Digital Carpentry for using Trimble SketchUp in practical carpentry applications.

Check out full articles at Fine Home Building with more in-depth information on the video Tutorials seen on this YouTube Channel.

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We have our favorite tools broken out by the type of project you might be working on directly inside of Amazon making purchasing simple and straight forward.

I don't recommend any products that I do not use personally. Based on 100+ years (carpenter years) these products work and do what they are meant to do.

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Matt Jackson

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Matt Jackson

Matt Jackson began his construction career in 1972 working for a remodeling contractor. After a brief stint doing auto-body work on exotic and historic cars, he returned to framing and trimming high-end custom homes. When he’s not working, Matt tries to find time to hike, rock-climb, or ice-climb, and to travel with his wife Kathy. They live in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

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